Sunday, August 06, 2006

gourd update August edition

color side view

updated with a picture after some color added...I'm using these inks ...odd stuff, never used them before, but I love the effect...J had the BEST IDEA for what goes in the middle...execution is another thing....more pictures of the gourd on flickr if that sort of thing interests anyone :)

dragon head

so the last time I messed with the dragon gourd, it was here ...that was in May....I finally got another woodburner yesterday (after blowing the first one and not being able to find the one that I know is packed somewhere)...

now, I'm waiting on the tip to cool so I can change it....I really want to figure out how to add something to the open space to make it look like she's wrappd around something...paper mache maybe?....sticks?...I don't know...ideas?

btw, this will most likely be a state fair last year, I will wait until the last minute to decide what I'm putting in, but as long as this doesn't's a relatively sure bet