Thursday, January 31, 2008

Demorcratic Roller Derby

democratic roller derby

that's how I want to see this election's candidate hell with delegates...I'm sick to death of politics yet I can't turn away...

otherwise...busy IRL, things I should have blogged but haven't and something exciting (for me anyway) this weekend that I'll definitely post about after the fact

thrilling I know

Friday, January 25, 2008

tomorrow's the big day

just one more spin

SC Democratic Primary....

that's how I feel...

anxious about taking my chances on any of them...

either way, the most conservative of conservative states will make history tomorrow by choosing a black man or woman as a
presidential candidate....

and I'll be part of it in spite of not being more excited about either of them, like any self-respecting liberal should....

we should be dancing in the streets just to have this kind of choice, right?

why am I not feeling it?

ps - old picture, hair much longer now, last (and only) visit to a casino


Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm waiting for this call

so....Senator Clinton if you're reading....I can clear my calendar to fetch you Starbucks, give Historical Tours or polish your pumps anytime between now and Saturday...your choice just let me know...

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Friday, January 18, 2008

how lucky are we????

the Circus and the SC Republican Primary are this much more post-worthy does a situation get???

Go big RED! I only hope there's something just as amusing for the Democratic Primary next weekend....if not, I'll be forced to wing it

Huckabee title

Huckabee Elephant

mccan title

mccain the ringleader

cannonballs title

mitt and rudy cannonball


fred the tiger tamer

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

We had snow


for about 20 minutes last night....

much to the disappointment of school children and government workers everywhere....myself included (guess which group) was not enough to cancel or delay anything and we ultimately just had a really really cold day with lots of cold rain

is it too much to ask that we get ONE damn snow day every 5 years or so????

I hate the cold, but I love days off............

I'm bitter and conflicted about the whole situation

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Some Folks Think We're Weird

because we drink our tea's a choice and I'm not ashamed of it....
we drink a lot of it too... there's ALWAY a pitcher of fresh iced tea in the refrigerator....if you come by, you'll usually have a few drink, water or unsweetened tea...if we have notice, we can make some sweet or even buy a lemon...but don't come here expecting nothing fancy...and that goes for coffee too btw, iced tea has it's own wiki...

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Not a bad day


I went and had the closest thing to an alien abduction I've ever had this morning....
(sans anal probes)

I had an eye exam.....there were twirling tables, pictures of my eyeball....and excellent new glasses....within 10 days, my vision will once again be more
functional.....and I will look like the female version of the Man In the Horned Rimmed Glasses...
(at least in my mind b/c they don't look like his)

then I got to play with the airbrush and work on a new gourd at the same time....all the while waiting on a visit from my brother(s) to deliver a new (free) piece of hand-me-down furniture...
(we are the depository for unwanted things in our family)

now we are cooking a fabulous dinner...

January isn't' sucking

Monday, January 07, 2008

pick a direction

I am totally and completely opposed to owning a GPS system...I prefer maps and stopping at seedy gas stations and just plain figuring it out when trying to get from one place to another...

J doesn't totally agree with this philosophy, nor do many of my siblings and their spouses....I spent a long time trying to convince my 13 year old nephew of the joys of during lunch yesterday....he wasn't buying it after getting enjoying the journeylost with his father (a fellow non-believer) the evening before...

To me there's no such thing as lost...there's just times when you might not be exactly sure of your location...

My dad offered to have navigation systems put into all of the grown kids cars for Christmas this year, I respectfully declined....sometimes not knowing where you are turns out to be not so bad....


Sunday, January 06, 2008

weekend tedium


this afternoon, I decided to pull out a bead loom I bought a year or so hard could it be? I wondered....

well the answer would be much easier if the beads, thread and needle were BIGGER

I managed a few rows - it seemed much easier when I was drew this....I hate it when that happens


Thursday, January 03, 2008

we started a bad bad thing

lucy and scout

over the holiday break, in a moment of poor judgment no doubt influenced by holiday spirits...

we let the dogs start sleeping in the bed with us

2 people + 2 dogs + 4 cats (the last 6 of which get up and down ALL night long) + a full sized bed = tired, irritable people

but they're sooooo damn cute


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year - New Gourd

My creation

a cannonball one at that....there was a little universe of space witches and warlocks battling dragons and spaceships hiding on it...

I've cleaned some more today (gourds, I mean) and have another box of them on the way....

J gave me some books on different gourd finishing methods and I think I want to try a banjo at some point....I can play it on my redneck pallet deck while swilling beer.....that's my kind of new year's resolution

edited to add the painting on this gourd was inspired by sci-fi illustrator Hannes Bok