Sunday, September 30, 2007

almost too much

good grief

today we went to see the MIL...she asked me to reset the stations on the radio by her bed...

while I was piddling with it, J and MIL were standing at her dresser, looking at stuff...chatting...whatever, I was tuned out....

I perked up when I heard MIL say...that's your Aunt So and So...(it was a bottle of sand like material with some tape stuck in the top)....almost like a souvenir from the beach....J paused and realized there was another bottle on the dresser

she asked who that was

MIL said, Oh...nobody, that one's just dirt


Open Minded

open minded

aren't we all?

sketch book dump in progress


Saturday, September 29, 2007

Eat the Jello

I'm NOT eating the jello

equals Drink the Koolaid to old people...

this was revealed to me during MIL's recent hospital stay when she refused to eat her jello, in spite of the nurse's insistence

according to MIL, they (the hospital staff) hide things in the jello, especially the green jello I hear...

I never thought about it, but I see her point and em concurs so it must be true...I'm off jello for the time being myself

think about it

MIL drawing was initially done in ink, then photoshopped to the image above...just in case there's a quiz


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A moment of Robot Self Realization

he's famous II

and thanks zuhn for this...robot appropriate


Monday, September 24, 2007

totally goin' to Hell

but whatever...I'm driving MIL's car for a while since she can't and it's the ultimate beater...this morning I decided that rather than keeping it all myself, I'd share the finer details of the wheels I'm sportin' right now...

it's a 94 Civic Hatchback btw...about 61K original miles...driven cross country a few years factory air, but great on mileage.....oh and there's a smokin' cassette deck

on the driver's side window, there's a handy reminder to turn off the lights so the battery doesn't burn out...handsome black sharpie

cushy pillows to custom fit the driver's seat if your spine or limbs are a little out of line

another reminder about the lights...can't be too safe

oooh, side view...moving 911 tribute taped to rear window

assorted bumper stickers...mostly Christian and Patriotic...its all the same thing anyway...

more bumper stickers....see, she's consistent

custom dog hair carpet....

slight damage to front passenger side...solid bondo base with rust accents...

and finally.....a Club to protect all this luxury and speed....don't get me started on the rims and did I mention the brakes are squealing like a stuck pig?

perfect project...I foresee a new yard car in our future

Sunday, September 23, 2007

I'm sure that

if I could get a basic understanding of vector graphics, it would change my life....I've been trying all weekend and have made little progress...just look at the hippie palmetto tree if you don't believe me....and yeah, it's that small....maybe I should practice on something bigger...

J's mom is still driving the hospital staff crazy, she may get sprung at any moment, so we're on stand by...her exploits are enough to fill 10 sketch books....I've gotten lazy about scanning and posting that stuff...need to try and scan some this week


I'm convinced vector graphics will change the way I do everything anyway, so there may not be a point...I'm conflicted....

this kind of internal rationalization may go on for awhile....even Bobby's thinking hard

bobby nice


Thursday, September 20, 2007

it's almost Friday

so I can cat blog if I want...and this is the first time I've been able to get them all in one place at one time....I would have photoshopped the dirty floor out, but's real, live, all nude-floor blogging here in SC

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Last Hospital Update

for today anyway...

J's mom had some complications during and after the procedure...Doogie Howser nicked her bile duct while trying to remove the gallstones, making infection a real and seriously scary prospect...then while she was in recovery, her blood pressure dropped to 65/40 at one point....they got her into ICU as quickly as possible, where she will spend the night...

everything was stable and she was joking with the nurses when we left and she was still okay when J called a while ago...hopefully, she'll be transferred to a regular room tomorrow and the nick will heal on its own...

live hospital blogging isn't that much fun

J waiting patiently

she loves when I take her picture and she doesn't know it....I just hate I haven't been able to get some shots of the more interesting folks that are wandering around

LIVE from the Hospital

we're here waiting on J's mom while she has a giblet procedure...most likely outpatient...we've been here since about 10 this far we've heard extensive conversations regarding a few women's ministries, a prisoner was escorted in by a correctional officer and we had a nasty lunch in the cafe....

J wanted to bring a cooler with snacks, I convinced her to downscale to things that would fit in her messenger she's getting antsy and I'm afraid her responses to things are going to be more and more for me...

MIL did piss me off as soon as we got in the car by questioning whether I knew where the hospital bitch, I'm just from here...please help navigate...

there's a jr. scrabble tournament on the TV...who the hell knew that even existed?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


my right elbow has been playing tennis and golf without me knowing least according to the doctor...

what I really think is that I developed the tendinitis doing this...

I'm clearly favoring my right arm in this picture :)....

regardless the cause, this was the treatment accompanied by a stylish brace (no pink unfortunately)...

obviously I will need extensive physical therapy to improve the condition of my arm...

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Make it Stop

I suppose I have to consider this a semi-sports post, seeing as how it is about the damn Gamecocks

who have managed to get themselves ranked in the top 15, in spite of their schedule so far

but rather than dwelling on that, I'll get to the point...

we foolishly went to BiLo on Saturday to do our weekly grocery shopping...we live in an area very close to the University and heavily populated by college students, so this store makes an event of every hometown game....

they stack kegs on the sidewalk, barbeque ribs, grill burgers and hot dogs, sell t-shirts, hats and other fan shit AND offer free Gamecock face tattoos....all this just in the parking lot....there's more inside

anyway - we fought our way through the frat boys, get into the store and start gathering stuff up when I realize...


Fight song, Pep Song, Alma Mater, who knows what else....over and over and was was the kind of thing that makes me sympathize with people who flip out in public made me question what sort of freak sits around and puts University of SC songs on a continuous loop

mercifully this weekend is an away game and we should be able to shop in peace...

when is football season OVER???

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

My Accomplishments for the Weekend

lauren and nancy

1 - Introduced my 6 yo niece to Nancy Drew....only because there was no copy of Little House in the Big Woods....yep, she's a little nerd in the making...I'll introduce her to Andre Norton and Isaac Asimov as quickly as possible...her parents may be a problem, I can see me sneaking her books over the years



2 - Rescued this cool old 50's lamp from some stuff my brother was throwing out of his dead grandmother in-laws needed a coat of silver paint and a new shade, but we love it...the finial's very sci-fi looking with the silver and black...yeah I know the harware needs to be painted and the Amityville Horror red walls should go too...

I'm best at baby steps....

Family Time

I've spent way too much time around family already this weekend and this afternoon is the monthly gathering to celebrate a step-sister's home, I've never been to....and I'm not in a good mood to start with...

today may be the day to wear my "I Love Jesus but I Drink A Little" t-shirt

Monday, September 10, 2007

too good to pass up

In the unlikely event that J and I were ever to get would HAVE to be HERE

of course deciding whether Capt. Kirk, Capt. Picard or Capt. Janeway would deliver the vows would be an impossible decision

of course...everyone would be invited should this occur....


I need me one of these

a mysterious crystal skull....this one in particular is the Mitchell-Hedges skull...probably the most well known of the 13 that have been found (or ...

I'm not picky though, I'll settle for one from the Rock Show in November...the building at the Fairgrounds where the show takes place is adventure enough for archaeological dig in a remote Central American country required...

at least I have my skull ashtray until the crystal one appears...

skull bw

I think a crystal skull might be just what I need for the robot revolution

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Sunday, September 09, 2007

the Robot Revolution

robot army

has begun and the Ducks are involved

It isn't going to be pretty

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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Pumpkin Ale - Beer O'the Weekend

although it's still in the 90's here....fall brews are starting to show up...Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale is this weekend's beer splurge...

it's a good transitional beer for fall's not as heavy or spicy as something called Pumpkin Ale sounds like it might be, but still manages to have a unique taste with just a hint of pumpkin associated flavors...think nutmeg and cinnamon

a good beer to get ready to for the deeper, darker and richer offerings of late fall and winter...worth the $7-ish bucks for a six pack and something I'll be drinking again

beer advocate review here



Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Shameless Animal Cuteness

otherwise I got nothing right now and shameless animal cuteness is always good to me...

kinda like beach volleyball...anyway

Scout and the ghost cat

this is one of my favorite-est animal pictures I've ever taken...all of the cats, and now Scout, want the window seat...Scout loses a lot

lucy gets a bath

Lucy and Scout got a bath on Sunday...then sprayed with dog whore spray...that clean fresh smell lasted about an hour...good thing we have a big bottle of that stuff, they often smell un-clean and un-fresh...

giant cat

our newest member of the family - Bobby the Giant Cat...actually, he's the giant, talking cat that likes to play fetch....

I loves me a big cat...he can look into the bathroom sink if he stands on his hind legs....I had a Maine Coon for 17 years that was more solid (aka heavier) but he's taller by a head at least..

much to the dog's disappointment, he's not very interested in bonding with hear J's mom tell it, he thought he was a wolf...we think he thought they were nuts and didn't know WTF they were talking about...

and since I brought beach volleyball up.....they put their names on their asses...I notice these things

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Three Beer Weekend


I love this time of year and I love beer

the rhyme is unintentional, the sentiment is not

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