Monday, September 17, 2007

Make it Stop

I suppose I have to consider this a semi-sports post, seeing as how it is about the damn Gamecocks

who have managed to get themselves ranked in the top 15, in spite of their schedule so far

but rather than dwelling on that, I'll get to the point...

we foolishly went to BiLo on Saturday to do our weekly grocery shopping...we live in an area very close to the University and heavily populated by college students, so this store makes an event of every hometown game....

they stack kegs on the sidewalk, barbeque ribs, grill burgers and hot dogs, sell t-shirts, hats and other fan shit AND offer free Gamecock face tattoos....all this just in the parking lot....there's more inside

anyway - we fought our way through the frat boys, get into the store and start gathering stuff up when I realize...


Fight song, Pep Song, Alma Mater, who knows what else....over and over and was was the kind of thing that makes me sympathize with people who flip out in public made me question what sort of freak sits around and puts University of SC songs on a continuous loop

mercifully this weekend is an away game and we should be able to shop in peace...

when is football season OVER???

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