Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Shameless Animal Cuteness

otherwise I got nothing right now and shameless animal cuteness is always good to me...

kinda like beach volleyball...anyway

Scout and the ghost cat

this is one of my favorite-est animal pictures I've ever taken...all of the cats, and now Scout, want the window seat...Scout loses a lot

lucy gets a bath

Lucy and Scout got a bath on Sunday...then sprayed with dog whore spray...that clean fresh smell lasted about an hour...good thing we have a big bottle of that stuff, they often smell un-clean and un-fresh...

giant cat

our newest member of the family - Bobby the Giant Cat...actually, he's the giant, talking cat that likes to play fetch....

I loves me a big cat...he can look into the bathroom sink if he stands on his hind legs....I had a Maine Coon for 17 years that was more solid (aka heavier) but he's taller by a head at least..

much to the dog's disappointment, he's not very interested in bonding with hear J's mom tell it, he thought he was a wolf...we think he thought they were nuts and didn't know WTF they were talking about...

and since I brought beach volleyball up.....they put their names on their asses...I notice these things