Saturday, April 26, 2008

Where are the Baptists Going?

the Preacher

There was an article in today's local paper that says Southern Baptists are experiencing a decline in membership and baptisms...2007 being their least fruitful year in a decade

well...except here...SC Southern Baptists continue to represent in mighty ways...God's chosen people, ya know?

but it made me a little sad to see that the folks I spent so much of my childhood around are losing members....not everything about growing up in a fundie Southern household was bad...I learned about community in our neighborhood church, I learned all sorts of songs and stories that are still with me now, I was surrounded by people that were united in their beliefs and commonalities....

today, it's easy too easy to find fault in the ministers, in the doctrines, in the way a few represent the many...too easy to walk away from those things and miss out on the good stuff in the process...

weird....that I am so nostalgic about a part of my life that frustrated me for so long

totally off topic - but I've recycled some drawings lately b/c my sketch book has been very quiet lately...hopefully, that will change soon



Monday, April 21, 2008

there's a serious lack of

robots (and content in general) around here lately....

robot color
the weather is warm, J's birthday is close and it's gonna be a fun one....

I need to test the wifi connection in the fort and start posting from there....heh, a fort podcast even....with puppets, I need more puppets on this blog...good thing I'm writing this stuff down...

however, tonite all I got is a robot

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Prom Season

normally that would never even register to me, but my 16yo niece is attending her first Junior Senior formal this weekend with her 17 yo boyfriend....

her dad, my brother, doesn't seem to be taking it well....

that amuses me in so many ways...

he's vowing to sit up waiting by the door until she walks in...and if she's not home by the magic hour, he swears he'll be out the door looking for her at one minute past....

he also said a lot of other things, but I'm a lady and don't repeat that kind of language....

poor kids, hee hee

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008


sometimes expectations just aren't anywhere close to reality

our weekend with The Lesbians was one of those times - in all the good ways

the chick in the chain mail bikini (who J swears I was gawking at, but really wasn't) was a (freak) bonus

my pictures here...maybe there are more....I just can't be sure

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Thursday, April 03, 2008



I hope the The Lesbians like our costumes

there will be photographic evidence

there may be elf ears

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