Monday, July 21, 2008


I functional lesbian bag...

@bucky4eyes my new lesbo bag on TwitPic

heh, I have a shiny green purse.

my friend Harry says it looks like a fishing bag....he may be right

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Tough Choices

I am traveling at the end of the week

all A.L.O.N.E...

for work.....

to Nashville...

oh, what will I do all by myself?

what oh what will I do?


Friday, July 18, 2008

one of the things I've been up to lately

about 6 weeks ago, we started a produce co-op at work....anywhere from 20 - 35 folks pay $10 each and a couple of us go to the state farmer's market on Friday mornings to buy fresh fruit and vegetables in bulk....

we split it up into baskets and everyone gets a ton of stuff for a fraction of the cost it would be at the grocery store....

we buy local whenever possible, we've gotten to meet some great characters along the way and it's a great nostalgic trip for me, having spent a lot of time there with my grandfather as a kid...

I have pictures in a book somewhere of the original farmer's market in downtown Columbia, it's moving again soon I think, I'll follow it anywhere I think.

But back to the farmer's market...the co-op thing works out great for everyone....easy to organize and execute, great way to support the local guys.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


next week I have to travel to Nashville for a few days for a work related seminar.....

tonight we are going shopping for some appropriate clothing for me to wear so I don't embarrass myself or my employer while in attendance....

I hate to shop for clothes...I especially hate to shop for clothes for myself.

I think I'm gonna go for the Jane Hathaway (from Beverly Hillbillies) look....she's always been a favorite

Monday, July 14, 2008

South Carolina Is So Gay....


I love this state and it's dedication to maintaining our image on the national and global stage.

In case there's any question, we don't like strangers and we don't like the high-falootin' fancy ideas they bring with tourists.

Bringing foreigners into our fair land is a sore enough subject, but trying to lure those queer travelers here in order to encourage their flagrant spending within our safe haven with their filthy homo dollars is just too much.

Thank goodness Palmetto Scoop broke the story over the misuse of $5,000 tax dollars (at least a portion of which is mine, since I'm a taxpayer...oh and gay) to attract queer London travelers to SC.

Don't miss Ian Johnson's, CEO of Out Now, response in the comments.

Friday, July 04, 2008

my Dad is so proud

on Thursday a co-worker and I that have put together a farmer's market co-op at work were mentioned in an article in the local paper about the growing popularity of such ventures....

this morning, my brother the cop, was mentioned in article in the same paper involving a shooting incident that he was involved in yesterday (btw, no one was actually shot or hurt and the bad guy lost)....

my father emailed the articles to the family list this morning....wonder if they appreciated the irony?

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Remember Me?

Remember this car? Well, it lives with us now.

The MIL finally decided it was time to give up driving.

For that, we are most are her fellow city drivers.'s been a happy transition so far....

okay I'm in love with our new old car....

we scrubbed and bleached and peeled stickers off until we got to down to a cute little Honda underneath....look

I'm all gansta and shit now...I even had a good stereo, speakers and satellite radio put in....nothing like being able to thump bluegrass at stoplights...I'm considering light kits and spinners...J is so proud.

And maybe another clip on fan since it doesn't have AC...those fans are smokin' hot accessories btw...

trust me - I have a skull on my car

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