Monday, September 24, 2007

totally goin' to Hell

but whatever...I'm driving MIL's car for a while since she can't and it's the ultimate beater...this morning I decided that rather than keeping it all myself, I'd share the finer details of the wheels I'm sportin' right now...

it's a 94 Civic Hatchback btw...about 61K original miles...driven cross country a few years factory air, but great on mileage.....oh and there's a smokin' cassette deck

on the driver's side window, there's a handy reminder to turn off the lights so the battery doesn't burn out...handsome black sharpie

cushy pillows to custom fit the driver's seat if your spine or limbs are a little out of line

another reminder about the lights...can't be too safe

oooh, side view...moving 911 tribute taped to rear window

assorted bumper stickers...mostly Christian and Patriotic...its all the same thing anyway...

more bumper stickers....see, she's consistent

custom dog hair carpet....

slight damage to front passenger side...solid bondo base with rust accents...

and finally.....a Club to protect all this luxury and speed....don't get me started on the rims and did I mention the brakes are squealing like a stuck pig?

perfect project...I foresee a new yard car in our future