Saturday, April 26, 2008

Where are the Baptists Going?

the Preacher

There was an article in today's local paper that says Southern Baptists are experiencing a decline in membership and baptisms...2007 being their least fruitful year in a decade

well...except here...SC Southern Baptists continue to represent in mighty ways...God's chosen people, ya know?

but it made me a little sad to see that the folks I spent so much of my childhood around are losing members....not everything about growing up in a fundie Southern household was bad...I learned about community in our neighborhood church, I learned all sorts of songs and stories that are still with me now, I was surrounded by people that were united in their beliefs and commonalities....

today, it's easy too easy to find fault in the ministers, in the doctrines, in the way a few represent the many...too easy to walk away from those things and miss out on the good stuff in the process...

weird....that I am so nostalgic about a part of my life that frustrated me for so long

totally off topic - but I've recycled some drawings lately b/c my sketch book has been very quiet lately...hopefully, that will change soon