Friday, July 28, 2006

Stuff Portrait Friday

I'm running way late this morning....a headache and a greasy egg and cheese sandwich from Sonic took precedence..... interesting topics this week from Kristine...sorta different...sorta odd ;)

Something Mean Looking:

I took this in Cherokee when we were there for J's birthday in May....all clowns (IMO) are mean looking and potentially dangerous....please note also, it's a government vehicle making it all the more scarey

government truck on the reservation

My Hiding Place:

Yep, I love to hide in the pencil box(es) and sketch book(s)....photoshop and flickr are also awesome places to hide!

pencil box

My Weapons:

hmmm....this was the toughest...but I think if I have a's humor..laughing is always better than the alternative and making a joke is definately a way to protect and defend...a few sketches were the best way I could come up with to illustrate this one

My creation

so who played? who wants to? who's excited Blogher starts today and live conference blogging will begin shortly?