Monday, July 24, 2006

Crushing on Fat Star

The View

About 5 or 6 years back...I worked a lot of nights which meant I could watch The View before I left home...I loved The View...all four women were smart, bitter to an extent about all sorts of issues, funny, well-spoken....nothing but good stuff...

during that period, I decided to make a little wooden set of the cast (remember the woman who got a plug on Rosie for making the set of her show out of candy...that's where my head was)....pre-surgery...I mean weight loss for Star...we moved, I lost interest in the show and I lost track of the set but it turned up over the weekend and here she is in all of her round glory...(please excuse Meredith's crazy eyes, I never finished the whole thing).....

I've been disturbed on and off about the weird turn Star's life has taken since the glory days pre-surgery...I mean pre-weight loss....let face it...she started getting skinny, she married Al, her conservatism starting really coming out, and now there's the whole pissing contest between her and Barbara....when will it end?

I miss fat Star and the energy she brought to The View, I miss watching a bunch of real looking women, sitting around talking and laughing over coffee....I loved her just the way she was and she isn't that way anymore...why do people think they need to fix things that aren't broken?