Monday, July 24, 2006

Illustration Friday - Opposites


it just so happens that this week's IF title sorta coincided with some ideas I'm toying around with for the State Fair this year...not sure which categories I might enter but I've always wanted to do something along the lines of a sideshow sign or carnival know the type...alligator boy, lobster girl, human marvels....big bold colors and lines with lots going on in the background....I love those images and everything about carnivals and fairs and especially the Ripley's/Barnum & Bailey kind of stuff...

the golden age of the freak show was an amazing at its most intense...there was a movie made in 1932 called Freaks that is very interesting....some of the best known sideshow acts of the day were the actors - the story revolved around the freaks protecting one of their own from a normal woman's murderous seduction...weird, heady stuff but worth the time to watch....many of those folks really celebrated their uniqueness....then they all retired to Gibsonton, Florida ;)

at any rate, my tongue in cheek entry for Opposites...don't be suprised to see more of this type of thing as the Fair gets closer.....:)