Monday, May 29, 2006

gourd update

dragon head cut out


so - the cutting went okay, it was really thin once I cleaned it all out and could have been more pliable when I cut it, but I'm impatient....I've run into a little issue I didn't count on...taking so much of it out from cutting has caused it to sag a little...not a huge problem cause it makes the wings stick out and maybe I'll wet it again next weekend and see if I can encourage it to stand straighter...we'll see

found some great alcohol based inks to stain it with (once that time comes)....they're weird...just soaks right into stuff, it's supposed to be for non-porous surfaces but I've read about people using them to color gourds...we'll see

I also got another woodburning gun today and plan on using it to add the telling where our other one is....and I really have to figure out something to do with the inside....guess what? we'll see