Monday, May 22, 2006

what is this doing in my house monday?


sometime within the last week or so, we both realized that after almost 3 years in this house it's time to move...don't get me wrong, this house has been great, we love the neighborhood and all that, but we need something more functional for us, something bigger, something that is hopefully not next to another redneck bunch...
so, this week in honor of our realization...I give you many "what is this doing in my house" entries all rolled up into these boxes that have not been unpacked since the summer of 2003....we have made a sacred vow to spend time over the coming long Memorial Day Weekend, going through some and trying to be brutal about what gets kept....
and just so I'm clear....these are just some of the unpacked boxes....there's more, many more
so please....jump on in...identify something that's in your house, keeps getting moved from place to place, or that you just can't get rid of and don't know why...take a picture, post it and let me know....make me feel better....please
anybody want to help sort through boxes this weekend? I'll provide the beer