Friday, May 19, 2006

Stuff Portrait Fridays - WoM

It's Friday, which means Stuff Portrait Fridays and this week required some thought....just what I needed, more reasons to think....thanks Kristine ;)....the topics were all related to Waves of Modulation and the way she sees things through her pictures....

now this came at a time when I've been really digging around at flickr...contemplating HDR processing....and realizing I have manual settings on my camera...duh....which means at some point I will figure out to do HDR (just not this week)...

so - before I babble any more, here are some pictures...and I warn you, I may have gone completely off topic sometimes with these but bear with me :) I was so wrapped up in how they all tied together there's gonna be some overlap.....

1. Something Discarded...I've been passing this pile of trash for months now and I realized yesterday the "no entry" part has been added...recycling at it's best

no entry

this is one of the overlaps....I'm a huge fan of the WPA and war administration photographers from the 30's and 40's...especially Walker Evans and Eudora Welty...they captured the spirit of those times better than any other medium I could just see right through the people in their when I saw this guy sitting on the bus bench, rolling a cigarette I instantly thought "discarded" and how he would have looked in one of those old Welty pictures....much different, but I still liked how it turned out....Kristine this is also inspired by your amazing ability to photograph people...I think you have to have be able to establish a comfort level that allows people to relax in front of the camera in order to get really good portraits and you got it by the truckload evidently ;)
guy on bench

2. Lay down on the ground and find something ugly and make it beautiful....I never shoot b&w...too much of a slave to color....but it seemed to work okay here and so many folks are taking such great stuff I thought I'd experiment....electricity is beautiful even when surrounded by cat hair and dust and even more especially when it is connecting me and my computer to the internet.....

plug strip

3. Take a picture in the style of the person that inspires, that could be like a hundred people on flickr right now, but like I mentioned earlier...I am in love with the idea of HDR imaging and I'm not sure I would have ever even realized it existed if it weren't for drumsnwhistles who posted about it a few weeks ago...her photos are incredible, the macro shots she takes are just crazy good....look at this one especially Labor and Delivery
see? amazing stuff...then there's beebo wallace and kris kros
their use of color takes my breath this was an attempt to look at something the way those 3 incredible photographers see stuff...


good grief - that may be the longest post ever for me...if you're still here....did you play?