Monday, May 29, 2006

Illustration Friday - Cake

Man Made Cakes

well, I cut my finger a little with the gourd, J made me stop dremeling inside for a while, so I decided to finish my "Cake" drawing...I've been playing a little with the brushes in Photoshop can you tell?

my youngest brother bakes cakes as a side job...he calls it Man Made what else could I have possibly done for this topic?...he's really a great baker to tell you the truth...especially to be a big ole Bubba...I think he's been focusing on the decorating piece of it this last year...I also think he's up to the 3rd level of decorating classes at the local craft store, LOL...I bet the women taking the class talk about him over coffee when he's not around....

so should I send it to him?