Friday, May 26, 2006

SPF - it's only as hard as you make it

This week's topics brought to us as always from Kristine at Random & Odd.

1. Your suitcase/s or travel bag - my purse-like functional summer lesbian bag...I didn't want to pull out the real luggage because I just put it back up from the trip earlier in the month....and I travel every day with this one, it's the perfect size for a sketchbook, camera, phone, wallet, cigarettes, mp3 player, leatherman pliers, chapstick, and other stuff I really must the threat of Y2K has diminished over the last 6 years I have stopped carrying the emergency supplies - it's progress.


2. Your ground - first thing that came to mind was "grounded" and that is J for me...not to sound co-dependent or anything...but, she helps keep me from going absolutely nuts....too much or not enough thinking on this one?


3. Something you are powerless to - storms and shadows...they are what they real life and in my's how I react to them that makes a difference...

windchime silhoutte

so there you have it...who played and who is getting a 3 day weekend????