Tuesday, March 14, 2006

whatisthisdoinginmyhouseMonday? - on Tuesday

so, it's my imaginary game and I can play however I want right?

this week's item is truly one of those things that annoys me to no end - a 20+ year old Zenith console TV...it has lived in every house we have, J brought it into the relationship almost 16 years ago and we've maybe used it a total of 12 times in all those years....

exchange that occurs on a regular basis regarding the monster...

me - "honey, isn't it time to let this go?"

J - "absolutely not, all of the other TVs in the house might spontaneously combust and this might be the only one left working...it could happen...and Uncle Johnny just replaced those bad tubes 12 years ago, it's as good as new"

me - "oh okay....btw are the aliens talking to you in the car again?"

notice the string from a winter coat stored on top of it

notice the lovely brown plastic and LED channel display

notice the lovely wood grain and quilted sham cover

good grief, it irritates me just looking at the pictures ;).....denise shared some weirdness....anybody else?