Friday, March 03, 2006

stuff portrait friday

courtesy of Kristine at Random and Odd - feel free to jump in and share your stuff, just let everyone know you played so we can come look!

your favorite jeans

gap button fly boot cut - actually not my most favorite, my most favorite are a pair of 501's that are literally falling apart...but these are close....and as an added bonus this is a butt shot

birthmark, mole or freckles

I always kinda liked the mark on the back of my right hand....

your photo albums & where you store them

this is one of the great mysteries of our house right now....where things are....if they aren't in plain sight they must still be packed from the move 2 1/2 years this may not actually be the box(es) but they can't be far....and we really do have tons of albums...I actually have one (some damn where) from my grandmother side of the family with stuff back to the 1910's and 20's - I need to find that one especially so I can use it for this ambitious, yet to be started project - someday, really ;)

who played? I need distracting for a little while before we hit the road to Georgia.