Friday, February 24, 2006

stuff portrait friday

Stuff Portrait Fridays at Random & Odd's cool new on the link for details and join in, it's easy!!!

Bedside Manners

inside of your nightstand drawer

I know the clutter is going to send some of you into a fit, but it's okay I need that stuff...maybe not the old lifesaver but definately the other stuff

good book

I have a pin-up girl thing...this is a great collection of one of my favorite artists, Gil Elvgren

favorite lamp

this one was easy...driftwood lamp my grandfather made....he would collect pieces when the lake was low in the winter...some turned into lamps, luckily I have this one and I love it....bad shade, but that's my fault....overall I have a real weakness for lamps and have to consciously remind myself that we only need so many...stained glass especially gets me in trouble

and as a follow up to last week....

both lesbian boots have been located and floor has been swiffered....all is well in my corner of the world.

Who played?