Wednesday, February 15, 2006

yeah I remember

my dad called to chat last Saturday (from the sunbird RV park in St. Pete) and during the conversation he mentioned that he picked up a couple of mini-anvils at the RV park yard sale that morning...

and the signifigance of anvils?

both of his grandfathers were blacksmiths, did I know?

hell yes, I knew because I freakin' listen....what don't you get about that?

so, I've been playing around with the idea of themed sketch books lately (since the one I started in September is almost full) and I think I may do one of family stuff...not cute little drawings of the nieces and nephews, but the shit nobody seems to remember that I've carried in the back of my head for all these won't be the only thing I work on, but a place to put a specific kind of image...

I have a grand gesture for next Christmas that involves bound copied editions of the best dozen or so, to be given to my siblings with a message that says something to the effect it is, show your kids, know where we came from, and stop asking, your bitter big sister

so here is a nod to our blacksmithing roots

p.s. - I have no idea if either great grandfather looked like this ;)