Saturday, February 11, 2006

on a lighter note

cause today has been cold, rainy, and a little blue...

I just ordered something for Valentine's Day for J that I am so pleased's not a big something, but a fun something...:)

we've kinda gotten out of the habit of a lot of gift giving to each other on holidays or birthdays for the last few years...we have had so many and we pick things up for each other when we see them anyway that it's just not the big deal that it used to be...and that's fine, but I found something today that I know will be a hit and completely unexpected...and actually a perfect Valentine's kind of thing...

unfortunately, I have to work Tuesday nite which is not such a popular issue in our house right now, LOL...but it's a week nite and we'll do something over the weekend - which will be a great time to experiment with this gift (and no it isn't that kind of gift exactly)

I suppose I should come up with a card too, huh?