Friday, February 03, 2006

friday cat blogging

so this is a little late today...blogger has been acting crazy since last nite...

at any rate - 2 things

the sign above was a gift a good friend brought me from the Chelsea Flower Show a few years back....we worked together for many years at many different places and I think he was making a reference to my evil alter Doris....Paul if you're reading - I know I owe you an email, but you know I love you!!

and this is my baby, Cassie....she came to me as a little bitty kitten, whenI was 13 or 14 and she lived to be 17....she was a one person cat pretty much her entire life and that person was me....LOL, I think she was mostly Maine Coone....big girl, 21 - 22lbs at her biggest...she was a little aggressive sometimes to say the least - especially if food was involved....I remember her grabbing slices of pizza right off a plate from time to time and once she had something you sure couldn't get it back...this picture is from my old room at the family house so it must be over 20 years ago...I still miss this cat... :)