Friday, February 10, 2006

stuff portrait friday

courtesy of Random and Odd via Dallasks (who is babysitting and doing a damn fine job)

~ What you love most about your home

I read somewhere - maybe an article or book about Wicca, maybe Harry Potter - that you should live in a place made of natural materials, so that you're surrounded by the energy of the earth...our house is made from granite quarried just down the fact SC is one of the US's largest producers of granite (pointless piece of trivia - no charge)....our floors are hardwood which is a must with all the animals

~ What you love least about your home

our kitchen sucks big's a closet...small doesn't even begin to describe it, the floor is bad vinyl, that ugly thing with the nasty looking label is the hot water heater, the cabinets don't close right thus the dowel...the list of why I hate this kitchen is bigger than the kitchen itself

~ What you love most about yourself

from a physical standpoint I'd have to go with the hands....ultimately the vehicle for any meaningful expression that I may have....

this was fun, I've been meaning to play for a while :)