Friday, February 03, 2006

IF - Chair

well, since I'm goofing off today I'll go ahead and post this - even though it's a rough sketch and I'll most likely do something else this weekend for IF...but since I had it why not?

back story...

my dad took the two oldest grandsons to Nicaragua last summer for a mission trip...he brought back at least six of these rocking chairs as gifts for the going down there they evidently had a shitload of baggage, supplies, and stuff....coming back I can only imagine the image of my dad and the other travellers picking up six unassembled, wrapped in cardboard, 75lbs each rocking chairs...

then he and my stepmother show up unannounced to deliver the thing unannounced, they wound up leaving it on the front steps because nobody came to the door....oops

it sat wrapped in cardboard in our spare room for a few weeks until I drank enough beer one Saturday afternoon to put the thing lie, it weighs a I was rubber mallet-ing some of the pieces together, one of them fell off and smashed by big toe...I swore a I drank some more beer, got out the gorilla glue and here she is....I have also worried about what jungle type viruses and microbes could be hiding in the wood but so far nothing ;)