Wednesday, March 08, 2006

early mornings

I'm not a good morning person....more accurately I'm not a good right after I wake up person regardless of the time....but I do appreciate having some solitude in the mornings (usually from 5-ish until 6:30-ish)....from the time J leaves until I start getting ready for work...

It give me time to wake up, drink coffee, catch up online....sort of slowly ease into the day

Sometimes I feel like I should be more productive during this time, maybe wash the dishes or throw some laundry in, but mostly I cherish it for the selfish nobody but me time that it has turned into...

I don't like to think I'm selfish - overall I really don't think life is all about me for the most part....but as early as it is, these 90 or so minutes each day...when it's quiet outside and there aren't any skateboarders thumping on the street under our noses or people asking for things or decisions waiting to be made....this time is all mine.