Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Things I should be working on...

  1. Family Xmas ornament - still no real solid ideas, Em - the snowman thing is still in my mind, kind of a s'mores thing (like the mug Bethy sent me that year) but I can't decide on how to make it dimensional and that's really important
  2. Blocks for the new baby - the niece (actually both nieces) in ATL are pregnant and baby blocks have been specifically requested by the one I would never say no the wood, got the saw, always wanted to make a set, just need to cut the pieces
  3. Wall hanging for Roo - girl at work just had baby, I'm supposed to make a wall hanging to match her nursery set (she's perfect), I've had the design for a while - undersea things - individual pieces are traced out, needs to be cut, I have to do the background and where close to being done, said I'd have it by the first time she I have a few weeks at least, right?
  4. Christmas drop-in invitation for work - I have to remember I (got) volunteered for this and it could be good since it goes to so many people...big intentions here and not the usual Illustrator stuff they're used to (from girl with baby above)...need to find out what is realistic by talking to printers soon - very soon - maybe tomorrow or Friday
  5. Ebay
  6. Cleaning out dog/work/storage/laundry room
  7. Coming up with something great for J's 50th birthday next year
  8. Anticipating my dad and stepmother's move to this side of town - and that they're moving into a house that needs lots of the kind of things I'm good at, but probably won't get asked to help since I'm a girl
  9. Yard Decorations for Xmas - we want different this year and need to figure out what that means

okay, so I could go on for another 100 or so, LOL......