Sunday, September 25, 2005

Greek Festival and stuff....

I spent alot more time working on the cowgirl this weekend than I thought I would so that seriously cut into my online time...I'm a little behind...she is almost done though, the boots turned out pretty well and they're actually painted and glued to her legs...I need to do last minute touch ups and glaze and am thinking of adding a lasso but am a little unsure of the logistics...sorry no pictures even though she wasn't too popular if I remember...she's devastated ;)

the Greek Festival was far the most city-ish event of its kind that we've been to, LOL
...we semi-picnic'd on the front lawn with a chicken dinner that J ate the chicken out of and I had the greek salad, spanakopeta and manestra...we walked around saw some funky russian hand-painted dolls and toys

...watched some folks to dance to a greek band

walked around some more

bought some baklava to take home

and some loukoumades to snack on

...and eventually headed home once the crowd really started to pack in

nice to have a date nite...makes me look forward to the fair even more....I have a class tomorrow (grammar and proofreading) that I don't mind taking but I'd just as soon not...I will definately be taking my sketchbook and pencils....hopefully I can blend and absorb just enough to be useful later while I amuse myself doodling in the present.