Saturday, September 17, 2005

Walking Stick Saturday

We really didn't do anything we intended to but go to the grocery store today...I did get some major painting done on the walking stick and really need to finish it tomorrow so I can concentrate on the cowgirl, LOL...only a week or so to go now - entries are due on the 29th I think...I have to say the more I paint on Galadriel the more I think I have to do...but she needs to be done tomorrow and I think that is do-able.....texture is important to me - and I think she's close to what I of the things I am envious of when I look at the cool artblogs and sketchblogs and other creative stuff out there is the distinct sense of style those folks have - I would like to think that what I'm trying to do is create depth and reality to things that shouldn't have those's all about suspending belief (or disbelief) just for a second ;)