Saturday, September 10, 2005


Gourd is finished:) tomorrow... at about 11:30 last nite I realized I didn't do the other fair entry so I got up and did those at the last minute - literally.....I'm pushing J to get the clock finished since I entered it for her ;) - it's the one she made for me a few years ago, she's never been happy with the hinges and with all the other painting lately, she took it apart and decided to add some color, it's beautiful....I should put some pics up of it too, oops....and the last thing I'm entering is a cowgirl I started for J about 2 years ago (LOL...TW, take your time with D's bd gift - it's the thought that counts)...the biggest thing not done was her boots, I cut the basic shape today and started working them down to appear bootish, I hope to finish cutting them tomorrow and level the bottom of the walking stick....about 2 1/2 weeks until we take stuff...

otherwise - a good thrift store day, we had chili tonite (have I mentioned J is not so thrilled about the inconvenience of me not eating any meat again ;)), the library didn't have either of the books I wanted unfortunately but they'll be there eventually, I wound up having to cut one of the wolves nails when we stopped to drop off bananas and tomatoes at J's moms and now I hear J's bath draining which means I should get ready to shower so we can watch "Sin City".