Sunday, August 28, 2005


I spent some time in the car yesterday, driving to a auction in a town about 60 miles west of here...I used to love to drive, especially alone, didn't matter where I just enjoyed going and seeing what there was to see along the way. I used to especially enjoy driving backroads which used to be main thoroughfares before the interstates came along...listening to the local AM radio stations, stopping at a local dive for lunch, wondering about all the tourists that would have stayed in the now run down hotels on the sides of the's amazing how many of those little towns are still struggling to exist.

But, driving yesterday was pretty much a drag, mostly freeway, I'm stiff and really uncomfortable today and I just hate being in the car alone anymore...I like J there to tell me to stop watching the birds (usually hawks), I want to have her there to have pointless conversations about nothing - I still enjoy just hanging out with her so much and spending the day alone instead of with her was not much fun.

So today has been all about resting and me trying to move without pain and a little painting and a little napping. Much better.