Sunday, August 21, 2005


we've been taking it easy this weekend and listening to alot of music...some on cd, some on tv - we listened/watched Nanci Griffith's Other Voices, Other Room Two this morning and Woodstock the movie is on right now...kinda crunchy I know but I never get tired of that stuff...listening started a bunch of conversations - including one of our favorites - songwriters vs. singers, who's really the most important? - but more interesting to me...where did that feeling of social awareness go that drove people to the cultural changes of the 60's?...isn't this a much scarier time, aren't we fighting just as an unpopular war, isn't the government worse than ever?...why aren't more people angrier and speaking up?...will it take a draft to send people to the streets?...are the streets really a viable means of change anymore?...and that I guess is the answer to alot of this, we're jaded and globally connected and completely unaware of what that implies - it's all about marketing;)

and with that said, I'm going to go join J for a nap and listen to Country Joe and Joan Baez and dream about the hippies:)