Saturday, August 13, 2005

Tattoos on my mind

actually tattoos are never far from my mind, LOL but especially recently because everytime I turn around I'm seeing tattoos. The two shows that I've talked about before - Miami Ink and Inked, there was a show on National Geographic this afternoon about Tibetan spiritual tattoos and of course I've been looking at tattoo blogs here and there.....and as wonderful as all this exposure is it's tough because it makes me (J too) want one and you still can't get tattooed legally in SC (I'm not even going to go into that because it's so frustrating and stupid). Yes it is legal in GA and TN but getting tattooed for me is an experience that I really prefer to relax and reflect after, not to mention having a 3+ hour session is physically draining and a long drive home is completely unappealing.

But I am craving some ink in the worst way. I know I like the process as much as the end result, it's not the pain but knowing that I can take it, watching something beautiful and meaningful become part of my body forever. Body modificaton interests me in general, why people mark their bodies interests me even more... the desire to mark myself comes from alot of different places - I think that whatever I get next is going to have some spiritual significance, even if it's in a really abstract way... but I'm seriously considering several identifiable symbols...and that sort of suprised me when I first realized it...even though I know it shouldn't.