Thursday, August 04, 2005

Bitch for a day

and I don't mean the snippy, ill-tempered, self-confident kind which is what I prefer....what I mean is that my job (which I really love) is on my last fucking nerve today....everybody wants something - even people I don't technically work for but whose asses I am obligated to kiss, normally not a problem but I'm just not feeling it today.....if someone wanted cookies and sodas for a meeting at 3:00 they should have arranged it differently than calling me at lunchtime and stating snacks were needed - get them your damn self....if you need minutes taken don't assume I'm gonna be there.....if you don't ask me to call someone to inform them of a meeting change don't fucking assume I am psychic and that I can magically identify who was contacted and who was not...I am obsessive and fixated on performing at a certain level when it comes to work, wouldn't matter if it's cleaning a toilet or coordinating an event, whatever...if I do it, I expect that it I will do it pretty near it makes me mad (when I'm tired and facing another auction tonite) when my perfection gets taken for granted and people think just because I can do something that I any rate I have to arrange the cookies....presentation is always important....