Wednesday, August 03, 2005

goddammit Denise

I've been reading - well actually skimming - some of the blogher blogs Denise linked and blogs by women since about 5:00 am and haven't even begun to make a dent...I started last nite when I got home from the auction and could only manage about twenty minutes on commercial breaks during Miami Ink (today's assignment may be to find a blog by a woman tattooist) but I fell asleep thinking that maybe I'm finally starting to get this blog thing (probably not but delusion works for me)'s a natural extension of the communities that started on boards and in chatrooms....but it shifts the responsibility to the individual - not a mod or cl - to be informative...maybe not even informative but proactive when it comes to putting things out there that matter to you...I can't believe the sheer number of people blogging and I also can't believe that I'm adding yet another one to the mix since I'm pretty convinced anything worth saying has already been said -maybe that's why I never thrived on message boards, I've always said that, always felt like the red-headed stepchild because I just don't have the warm-fuzzy girl gene that so many do but I am really starting to get intrigued by the idea of this kind of communication....the one thing I did realize is that as funny as I think my Spurrier shit is, he'll only be going forward on bloglines because I don't want to clutter issues here with stupid links to a stupid man...not that I really have any issues in mind but I don't want him here, LOL...