Tuesday, August 02, 2005

July 16, 2005
Unsure start
By nuthinfancy
well here I am...completely unaware of the blog world and not sure what to do with this space but whatever.....right now I need a distraction from shitty used car dealers and trying to find just the right car for no money....my dad is in Nicaraqua with the two oldest grandsons on a Baptist mission trip....that irritates me to no end and I live in a state that would absolutely succeed from the union again if possible...I sense the beginnings of a serious meltdown and I really can't go there right now...LOL, at least I can tell when they're coming.....what else...oh, I really do love alot of things about my life right now....Dale Chihuly kept me going this week and Scout the troubled Jack Russell/Chihuahua is finally settling in, unfortunately Mama Kitty - neighborhood feral - seems to be pregnant with her third litter this year and is still nursing the last bunch.....at any rate maybe this will be a good outlet and place to store the mountains of useless information that catches my interest....
Posted on: Sat, Jul 16 2005 7:52 PM