Tuesday, August 02, 2005

By nuthinfancy
almost done for the day - nothing planned for tonite except tv watching and relaxing...premier of the 2nd Tattoo shop reality show in 2 days...makes we want one and we still can't get them here...I still harbor fantasies of full sleeves one day...missionary dad and his troop of white folks get back from Nicaraqua on Friday...I'm sure they will be full of wonderful stories and stars for their crowns...we have wondered how my stepmother is leaving the house and driving since she doesn't open doors on her own...Santini is a gentleman :)....got to stop and get gas, beer and boiled p-nuts on my way home...and I have to try and get cop brother to see how the police olypics went....off to the heat
Posted on: Wed, Jul 20 2005 4:03 PM