Tuesday, August 02, 2005

July 20, 2005
By nuthinfancy
forgot about the lightening storms last night....2.5" of rain in a few hours...it started just as the auction was ending and I wound up hanging out for an extra half hour waiting for it to let up...the building is an old armory - big brick thing with a curved roof and maybe ghosts if you're inclined to believe in those sorts of things...but we got a spectacular show and have the chance for more tonite....love the storms, have always thought the folks that chase tornadoes had a cool gig...favorite nanci griffith song for a stormy evening....
NANCI GRIFFITH lyrics - "I Wish It Would Rain"
(Nanci Griffith)[Chorus:]Oh, I wish it would rainAnd wash my face cleanI want to find some dark cloud toHide in hereLove in a memorySparkled like diamondsWhen the diamonds fall... they burnLike tearsWhen the diamonds fall... they burnLike tearsOnce I had a love from theGeorgia pinesWho only cared for meI wanna find that love of twenty-twoHere at thirty-threeI've got a heart on my rightOne on my left... neither suits my needsNo, the one I love lives a-way out WestAnd he never will need me[Chorus]I'm gonna pack up my two steppin' shoesAnd head for the Gulf Coast plainsI wanna walk the streets of myOwn hometownWhere everybody knows my nameI wanna ride the waves downIn GalvestonWhen the hurricanes blow in'Cuz that Gulf Coast water tastesSweet as wineWhen your heart's rollin' home inThe wind[Chorus]When the diamonds fall darlin'... theyBurn like tears
Posted on: Wed, Jul 20 2005 6:33 PM