Tuesday, August 02, 2005

By nuthinfancy
I got the new Harry Potter yesterday and have managed to squeeze in the first few hundred pages in between house cleaning and everyday life...these are about the only books I seem to read these days which is very strange since I've always been such a book geek up until the last few years back but that is another issue and I have to admit I miss reading, especially the fantasy and sci-fi stuff but it's a luxury I don't afford myself much...I've managed to avoid spoilers and many of the reviews because I know something big happens at the end of this one and I've even resisted the urge to flip to the back and peek because I want to prolong the experience this series offers....magic and possibilities....that's what I've always expected of my reading...I am going to hate when the Rowling finishes, I'm already dreading it....maybe I'll start the Lemony Snicket series at some point...J's mom has loaded me down with this series of mysteries that invovle an Alaskan Malamute and dog magazine writer by Susan Conant.....okay but mindless and I don't share her fascination with wolf hybrids...unless they have three heads and are in Hagrid's backyard...
Posted on: Sun, Jul 31 2005 6:41 PM