Tuesday, August 02, 2005

July 22, 2005
By nuthinfancy
Raging Grannies other than being a great name for a band this is just a great idea on the grannies part....surely the charges will go away?
A friend from Atlanta is stopping by tonite on her way back to the city from Pennsylvania....we haven't seen her since we moved and frankly I'm not thrilled about it now...we left alot of baggage behind with the move and I hate to say it but this relationship was part of that....she and her husband have been discussing divorce for 3 or 4 years, now they're actually seperated but she won't agree to the divorce b/c her alimony would be subject to income tax....that pisses me off for lots of reasons and on lots of levels but first and foremost b/c it's just greedy....her husband is a lawyer making a disgusting amount of $$$ and they aren't ever going to reconcile...there are no children involved - she's just used to living with a fat wallet.....thankfully this will be a short visit.....
More grass to cut this weekend, I need to get up really early and do it before the heat is too bad....and we have to try and do some straightening up in the spare room, it's out of control and it's all my shit....and I suppose at some point I should call Santini and see how many heathens were rescued last week.
Posted on: Fri, Jul 22 2005 1:54 PM