Sunday, August 07, 2005

a few weeks into this

and the less I feel sure about...I've just spent the last little bit reading about tags and I'm more confused than ever...there is alot of techy stuff out there to do with blogging that is pretty involved....LOL...spoken with true sincerity and is as important as content now isn't it?...I'm also not sure whether I prefer posting with IE or Firefox, I installed the Greasemonkey extension and a script that I thought would give me an automatic tagging box but apparently that isn't the nevermind I just found a modified script that at least looks like it's working :) we'll see soon enough I suppose...and I have questions about template changes and reformatting my RSS feeds as well....I'm blowing my bloglines site up and starting over soon....

as for my other thoughts about blogging - the ones about the experience itself - I'd have to say I'm enjoying it, alot even....enough to have J's interest raised a little - she'd be great at this, I'm convinced....enough to have mentioned it to J's mom and now mom is wanting me to set her one up for wolf hybrids, and enough that I think I'll mention it to my Dad at the next family get together next week....obvious prejudices aside ;), I think I'd be interested enough in what all 3 of them had to say to read their blogs....we were watching a Food Network biography on Julia Child last nite and talking about J's encounter with her and I said that would be a great blog story...that seem to make her's definately been interesting actually speaking on the internet after listening for so many years.