Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Anarchy on the horizon?

I can't help but think that when we were all hearing "worst case scenario" and "500 year storm" in regards to New Orleans and the MS and AL gulf coast on Sunday that in anyone's imagination could things be as dire as they appear to be at this point...Monday came and it even seemed as though we could relax a little because the storm wasn't as strong, the levees in NO seemed to be okay, another near miss...but good god, this is turning out badly and the implications that things will get worse are scarey...

I think it's possible that once people get really desperate - especially in NO - there could be total anarchy on the streets - the people trapped there have nothing to lose, people in the Super Dome are looking at being bussed to the Astrodome in's supposed to be 100+ degrees there this weekend on top of everything else.

How do you secure the valuable left in any of these cities, the cash offices in the casinos, the banks, the guns....looting is already widespread, people are armed, how long before the salvage people start showing up looking for treasure? Even more disturbing - what about the giant biohazard cooking before everyone's eyes?

Lot's of questions and apparently very few answers.