Monday, September 26, 2005

lunch on Main Street

today was my grammar-proofreading class and it was fine, definately no time to screw around and doodle but I did have a simple lunch sitting in the courtyard area of the museum and generally enjoying downtown...I have a special love for Main St., my grandmother and I spent so much time shopping there, just me and her, taking hours going from store to store, the Christmas parades were magical...Belks would put these giant choir boys over their main entrance and it was just the coolest thing...the architectural detail of so many of the buildings is beautiful , it's possible for me to see something new everytime I'm there....the City has been taking heat for a major revitalization to the area running way behind schedule, but after seeing a finished spot today I believe it will have been worth every minute...and for some reason I'm in this weird mood to take pictures so I can share my lunch on Main Street :)