Monday, October 24, 2005

it's getting cold

and I truly hate cold weather...yeah, I know it's SC and cold really isn't cold compared to truly cold places, but I hate to be even the least bit chilled which can happen anywhere below 75 or 80 degrees (Fahrenheit of course ;)) so, it's finally hitting that time of year when I dread the task of staying especially important task in bed where my feet are always ice-cubes and I cannot sleep if I'm freezing...

we are big flannel sheet fans and while I'm not ready for those quite is definately appropriate to have warmer bed stuff out starting this week with temperatures hitting the 40's at night...our electric blanket pretty much died last spring and tonite we decided to hit the Ryans Grazing Bar for dinner (my issues with buffets are a whole different post entirely) and head to Kmart afterwards to see what kind of heated blanket we could find.....

this is what we decided on - Heated Mattress Pad - I'm a little concerned because it's only got one control (couples that sleep on full mattresses evidently don't need choices) and because it's not heat from above and because I'm wondering if I'll be able to feel the wires on my back....but the idea of sleeping on a big heating pad is appealing....more importantly, I'm wondering if we really love it, will we be able to add an electric blanket once it hits the 20's and 30's and I'm miserable beyond words?...and just how much of a death ray do these things really give off while we're laying there toasting?

I hate the cold.