Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Fair weather

The SC State Fair starts on Thursday...it's fair season all over, Em went last week (the rooster part is scarey ;))...Cindy sketched some cool animals at her fair(her blog is great in general)...and I am looking forward to this Friday nite when we are planning on heading over for a first taste of this year's event.

The Fair was always a big deal growing up - we'd go 3 or 4 times at least - sometimes with the family, sometimes with friends, usually my grandfather and I would always go by ourselves one afternoon (he loved the livestock)....but there always seemed to be a good reason to go no matter who was involved.

The Midway was strictly forbidden since there was alcohol, gambling and generally no count sorts that hung out there...like that wasn't the first place I headed when unattended ;)....the big, colorful, handpainted signs outside the freak shows were a big fascination for me...I always wanted to go inside and see the bearded lady or the lizard man but never did...carnival and circus freaks hold a special place in my heart to this day....

I also have weird memories associated with the Fair - my parents marital problems blew up one nite that my mom was supposed to pick me and some friends up, leaving us all stranded for hours until my dad finally showed up and explained what happened...another year the same friends were riding some death trap and a few light bulbs exploded, cutting them up pretty badly....

But overall, I am still excited this time every year because it's a chance to see things you don't get to see except at the Fair....I may even smack a cow's ass for Em and hope it doesn't kick me in the process.