Sunday, April 22, 2007

I have to get this out of my system

South Carolina Beaver...not a self portrait.
Persistent Beaver...gotta get the job done.
a giant stacked Beaver...the best kind?
I never want to meet a Beaver with chainsaw teeth or any teeth for that matter.
Plastic novelty Beaver, also available in life like silicone... recommended by Sue Johanson.
Blue Beaver...see above for remedy to this frustrating condition.
A Beaver story generator when you're feeling uninspired

Origami-ish Beaver...strikes me as stiff and dry...not great beaver qualities, IMO
Beaver foreplay? Vintage Beaver porn?
well, this one just speaks for itself.....
Music to soothe the savage Beaver?
For the Beaver on the go...
Beaver Butt, nuff said.

Last but not least, what I think should be adopted as the universal sign for lesbians.