Wednesday, September 20, 2006

morning visitor

I went out to feed the feral cats this morning and look what was in the yard (and eventually on the doorstep eating cat food)

mystery dog

I've definately never seen her...she had a collar but no tags...obviously she's ferocious...I felt bad just leaving her to roam, I hope her people realized she wasn't where she was supposed to be and have rounded her up by now...poor feral cats didn't know what to do, they were all in different trees and a just a little annoyed with the fact a dog was on their turf...

p.s. this week is too busy, my screwing off time has been greatly limited...and a friend at work reminded me that the fine art entries to the fair have to be submitted Sun, Mon or Tues of next week....which means I have to get Vestal matted and framed quick if she's going...damn I still can't figure out why I thought this was a good idea