Friday, September 15, 2006

SPF - Television Day

Shaun loves to blog nap Random & Odd from time to time...this week it's all about the TV...he thought he could trick everyone into showing their boobs, but he was wrong...even though he does get an A for effort and I appreciate his dedication.

1. Your TV - always tuned to wholesome documentaries that show life when things were easier and simple....this young man is discussing something with his parents before bed

"Geez Dad, I never knew I could go blind...thanks for looking out for me and Wally...I need to tell Eddie and Lumpy at school tomorrow."

091506 008

2. Your Show -Here's what I would do....resurrect all the old Sid and Marty Kroft shows and give them 21st Century twists....

Wouldn't it be the kookiest if Tom Cruise played Tom-lo the magician who entices young Penelope Katie into his magic hat, the entrance to Cruiseville? And wouldn't it even be kookier if young Penelope Katie discovers a baby living in that hat? And wouldn't it just be the koo, koo, kookiest if that baby turns out to be a magic genie named Suri, who tries to help young Penelope Katie escape from Cruiseville, but is stopped at every turn by Tom-lo and his evil minions the Dianetic-Loos?

for those of you that have no idea what Lidsville was, please check here and stop making those of that do remember it feel old


3. The Newest Member of the Cast - since Tom is questionable as a money making draw these days, I'd keep Rosie Pufnstuf in the wings just in case...I hear she's good in those situations

rosie pufnstuff

so who played? who's gonna be a star? who feels like they have the munchies after the Sid & Marty Kroft talk???

edited to say I'm an idiot and think all Tom Cruise's women look alike - thanks Pattie for catching it ;)