Monday, September 25, 2006


The 5th Annual Boobie-thon is gearing up for it's launch on October 1st.
In 5 years they've raised over $26,000 for breast cancer and blogger charity causes...

October is breast cancer awareness month and this is a fun way to support a serious issue...

It's not too late to send in photo submissions (yeah I'm considering it and will make every attempt to make J participate) and you can donate directly at their site starting soon...

Plus there are cool shots of boobs, boobies, bosoms, racks, tits, and even some breasts I varying stages of decoration and exposure...with lots more to come next Sunday!

Go look, you know you want to

thanks to Janet at Fond of Snape for turning me onto this :)

updated to say...I've submitted mine, have you submitted yours????

updated once again because several of you have mentioned how breast cancer has touched you personally - thank you for sharing those experiences...this is a big motivating factor for me as well...J was diagnosed almost 6 years ago, had a mastectomy (and reconstruction), recovered 100% and has had no reoccurrences but it was a scarey, scarey time...anything to prevent or help women (and men) dealing with breast cancer is really important...submitting photos on behalf of a family member or loved one that has been through it is a great idea and would surely make them smile....flash on friends!!