Monday, July 03, 2006

question mark.0


We're off today and got up early to do some stuff so I'm running a tad of the things we did was look at houses - more about that in a in a way, I can be excused cause this game is all the more important in the face of an inevitable move....

we painted a mural for an elementary school a few years back, to keep costs low we bought all but a gallon of primer and a gallon of green from the Habitat for Humanity thrift store....we bought a lot, okay I bought a lot J was at work...but it was really cheap and I didn't know how much paint we'd need since we'd never done it before and it was a big wall...and it was really cheap....

mural done...lots and lots of paint left over....really lots...and you just can't throw paint out either and I'm respectful of those sorts of regulations being a tree hugger and here you go...lots of weirdly colored leftover paints that I have to see if the thrift store will take back...please take special note of the full gallon of safety yellow on the floor, my proudest find at the thrift store...the color we have the most of still


as for the house looking - we saw maybe 6...the first one we looked at we really liked...we've got a call into the guy and will hopefully hear from him this afternoon to look doesn't have a front's built longways on the lot in fact...there's this cool arch you walk through onto a covered concrete deck (perfect for gathering and grilling....the kitchen looked huge, there was one of those fancy modern things called a DISHWASHER that we've heard so much about, there were storm windows and a huge air handler out back....the yard has a lot of potential too, it's layed out weird with the way the fence is set...the bedrooms did look really small and there's carpet throughout but who knows? maybe there will be more to tell soon...

anyway...if you're still reading and feel inclined to post something that you just can't figure out why it's in your possession....let me know, we can all support each other through the letting go process ;)